How It Works

This guide will show and explain the features which the controller has and how to use them to achieve the best long lasting performance on the track.


The brake is the most important setting. On the “Hard” setting the car will stop fast, if the brake resistor is turned close to “Soft” the braking effort will be reduced.

Soft Brake adjustment

With brake adjustment switch is possible to add 3,3 ohm resistance when the switch have been set on “Soft”. The 3,3 ohms will be added to normal 3 ohm resistor in total 6,3 ohm.


The Anti-brake feature helps to get the car through the corner much faster and smoother. Anti-brake helps the car to spin a bit more. Anti-brake has good amplitude ofadjustment.


Resistor is the sensitivity or attack of your controller. For greater attack the potentiometer should be adjusted closer to “Fast”.

Traction Control

Traction Control controls the cars middle speed. If the Traction Control has been turned from “Regular” to “Slow” the car becomes much more driveable in the corners.

Choke (electronic)

By adjusting the Choke from “Fast” to “Slow” the output voltage is decreased and the cars maximum speed will drop. If the car goes too fast the Choke can be applied.


Choke (wire)

Wire Choke controls cars power and smoothness. Choke has a wide range of adjustment from 0 to 42 foot.


Controller is designed with lowest resistance on full power 0,04 V. The power circuit is switched using mosfet transistors.