Choke (wire) controller 2019

Kobis controller model P1 NEW

  • Professional model controller.
  • Suitable for all cars. Wire choke feature improves control of cars power and smoothness.

New features in this version

  • Wire choke. Choke resistance is adjusted by 16 position rotary switch.
  • Wire Choke controls cars power and smoothness.
  • Choke has a wide range of adjustment from 0 to 42 foot.
  • New power management system.
  • New Soft Brake adjustment
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Controller 2019

Kobis controller model A3

  • Anti-brake model controller.
  • Suitable for all cars. Anti-Brake feature improves Open12 and Production 24 race performance.

New features in this version

  • Third generation Anti-Brake system
  • Improved power management system, voltage drop reduced to 0.04 V
  • New brake power control
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Controller 2015

Kobis controller model S7

  • General purpose controller.
  • The controller can be used in all type of slot cars.
  • The controller comes with 10 different chips
  • Suitable for faster cars like Eurosport 1/24 and much slower cars like Formula 1/32.
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